Reputable USB-C phone stand for a Pinephone?

Looking for a reputable USB-C phone stand for my Pinephone…

Nothing comes up under Tripp-Lite, Startech or Anker aside from wireless charge stands. I also tried the Linux hardware site list.

There’s a million choices for no-name brands but if I go with a no-name i’ll have to change the cable for security :confused: . Any recommendations?

Rather a question than a recommendation. Isn’t there a stand available which uses the cable that came with your phone?
I just use the cable that came with my vollaphone to charge and exchange data.
Oh, as an idea, would it be something to have one printed?

It didn’t come with a stand and there isn’t one on the pine64 website. I’ll check out the vollaphone stands, a good option would be getting a stand that comes with a reputable phone.

I supposed I could get someone to print one though i’d still need to provide the cable.