Remapping ROG key on Asus Zephyrus M laptop?

I’m running Pop!_OS on a GM501GS laptop from Asus (also known as the Zephyrus M) and I want to remap the ROG key (Proprietary key that launches the ROG Gaming Center when pressed in Windows)j to something more useful, like opening the Pop Shop or something. Does anyone know how I can do this?

I’d love to do the same with the Dragon Center key on my MSI GF63.

I know how to change some of the keys generally.
Open the System Settings and go to the keyboard section and add a new combination by pressing the key and add the application or the command you want to be executed.

It is a bit vague because I do not use Gnome. E.g. I want to open the terminal in Gnome with the Windows key and Enter, I would bind gnome-terminal to:

Win key (Mod4) + Enter