Regarding ReiserFS

I always chose this for my installs back in the day. Only really because a journaling file system sounded like a good idea at the time. Does anyone know the fate of ReiserFS? It doesn’t seem to appear as an option to these days. Just curious. I did a quick search and after 2011 it just seemed to disappear.

I think the major part of it was the original developer murdering his wife! A search for Hans Reiser will get the details.

He was convicted of first degree murder and is currently in prison.


Oh. That shocking. I had no idea.

If you are looking for a journaling file system, I would say unequivocally XFS is great. If you want snapshotting create an LVM volume group and partition with XFS. Great for large files, parallel writes, and writes on the same drive are near instant since the file systems just changes the inode.

XFS excels in the execution of parallel input/output (I/O) operations due to its design, which is based on allocation groups (a type of subdivision of the physical volumes in which XFS is used- also shortened to AGs). Because of this, XFS enables extreme scalability of I/O threads, file system bandwidth, and size of files and of the file system itself when spanning multiple physical storage devices. XFS ensures the consistency of data by employing metadata journaling and supporting write barriers. Space allocation is performed via extents with data structures stored in B+ trees, improving the overall performance of the file system, especially when handling large files. Delayed allocation assists in the prevention of file system fragmentation; online defragmentation is also supported. A feature unique to XFS is the pre-allocation of I/O bandwidth at a pre-determined rate; this is suitable for many real-time applications.

Wow. I think though it is a bit too harsh to cancel a whole development of the file system because the leader committed a crime. Maybe they should weight the costs and benefits: humanity benefits if they let Mr. Reiser go free and continue to develop the fs. The crime was bad but I think is the past and future is more important.

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