Recommended Ethernet Network Card

Hello first i hope you are all doing well :slight_smile: I want to thank you for taking the time reading my post and helping me it’s very appreciated

I am currently shopping for a Ethernet Network Card PCIe that goes up to 2500mbps or 2.5gbps for a desktop computer i have been going left and right through different review websites and forums (Including reddit) but unfortunately if i look for the same product the information from users differs on every sites so i was wondering if anybody could recommend a good not super expensive Network card that is compatible with linux they had a good experience with i’m just trying to use my full 1.5gbps network and be future proof if it helps i will list my hardware and distros i’m using also i am from canada but dont mind ordering international

Again i thank you so much for the time and help you are giving me
i wish you all a nice day :slight_smile:

The distros i use
Arch Linux (with either KDE Plasma or XFCE sometime gnome
Pop OS
Kali Linux
Endeavour OS
well i guess i distros hop :wink:

my Motherboard is

MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk (MS-7B18)

PS: I did not add my topic to Hardware Help as the description says if we are having problems or errors with hardware but since i do not own the hardware yet i was not sure

To paraphrase the classic advice— Nobody has ever been fired for choosing an Intel NIC.


From what i’ve gathered you go by the chipset the card is using to help find out how well it’s support. Sadly I don’t have any experience to speak from for models.

Big +1 for Pat’s advice. Both for quality and their general orientation toward Linux support.

Thanks for giving it a best guess, i’ll take a look at the description.

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Thank you very much for your time and advice i will look into it :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your help and comprehension :slight_smile:

By curiosity would you have a specific one you would recommend ?

Well the 2.5/5/NBASE-T stuff is pretty “new(er)” and price point isn’t even helpful what determines the capabilities.

For the following I recommend the genuine Intel brand cards but the chipset should work across card brands (Dell and other third parties) if they’re trustworthy.

  • The Intel X550-T1 (uses the Intel X550 Ethernet Controller there are also three versions of this controller chip) will do all the NBASE-T (up to 10GBASE-T) but the others in the X5xx series don’t.

  • The Intel i225-T1 (uses the Intel I225 Ethernet Controller there are three versions of this controller chip) will do up to 2.5BASE-T but the others in the i2xx or i3xx series don’t.

The other controllers in these lineups don’t (at least per intel ARK) support any of the NBASE-T standards.

There are others which are obviously designed for a completely different market but these aren’t “out of range” for a consumer.

I have an older intel X520-t2 (intel 82599EB) which doesn’t support the “new” NBASE-T modes.

An edit for frugality:

I got my X520 in the literal garbage and use it on a gigabit network. I feel I unintentionally misrepresented that info. I do not use it in it’s full 10G capacity.

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Thank you very much for all your help so kind very appreciated :slight_smile:

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Would love to hear how it goes for myself if not others finding this thread, best of luck!