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  • Huion Pro 16 Drawing Tablet

Flawless on Fedora 37


Wow, this looks like a fantastic tablet. Is it just for drawing? How do you use it? More info please!!!

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So far it’s pretty fantastic, I have used it as a second monitor during early testing, but I bought it to draw with Inkscape, Krita and GIMP, with my primary goal to Sculpt and draw on GreasePencil in Blender. I’m really excited but have not had enough time to use thoroughly yet.

I want to add a side not. I used it as a second monitor during my initial testing, but I honestly feel it shines when using as a touch screen for the desktop. Gnome is excellent for this. Holding the slate in my hand, opening and closing the browser, opening apps and viewing has been great.

I plan on updating this thread more so through the next few weeks with my work in Blender and Inkscape, and hope to learn Krita more. I already know my old .ps files work in GIMP so that’s to come.

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Here’s the tablet as a second monitor watching once of my favorite podcast !

Approaching the screen with the Pen withing centimeters basically brings up all the tools on youtube to min/max and play etc.

The scroll slider on the left works great as well to page up and page down.


This is pretty great. Do you have any video or pictures of you using it as a graphics tablet?


Not at the moment, but I’ll continue to update this thread with what i do with it going forward.


Just a small update, It takes some getting used to for sure. I used the Pen Tool for years with a mouse on Illustrator. These days I use Inkscape and Blender and there is a learning curve. A couple times I let go and used the mouse to ge the desired effect. This has nothing to do with hardware as it has worked great so far.

Today I even used it to digitally sign documents :laughing: