Really comprehensive list of Google alternatives

Plenty of surprises in here:

Google alternatives for…

  • Search
  • Mail
  • Browser
  • Cloud Storage
  • Calendar
  • Docs / Sheets / Slides
  • Photos
  • Videos
    • missing lbry / odysee, thanks @ak2020
  • Translation
  • Site Analytics
  • Maps
  • Phone OS/Apps
  • Chat
  • Domains

I took a look at Piwigo. I use shotwell to manage my photos, and I see shotwell has a Piwigo Plugin, which looks tempting.

If Piwigo manages to actually release their version 11, and if they’ve fixed their recently-discovered XSS vulnerability, then maybe I’ll give it a go on my RPi4.

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Awesome! This should be printed and hung in offices.
Thank you for the info!!

Excellent! Thank you for this. I do find odysee very useful as a youtube alternative as well :slight_smile: