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In episode 80 of Linux Out Loud, we discuss various topics. We talk about monitor setups and the importance of comfort and ergonomics. We explore the use of Tailscale in a professional setting and highlight Heroic Launcher as a game launcher for Linux. We discuss Framework’s modular laptops and Wendy’s struggle with installing DaVinci software on Linux. We touch on Microsoft’s unhelpful documentation and mention other shows available on Stay tuned for our next episode of Linux Out Loud!

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@TheWendyPower @mattdln On Fedora, You can install the AMDGPU-PRO drivers, and have been able to for years now. Here is the github repo from GloriousEggroll (Yes, the Proton-GE guy )

These OpenCL drivers and tools like ROCm and other are critical to get the most out of your AMD hardware.

AMDGPU-PRO driver install on Fedora

By default this driver is disabled, 
because it's needed only by the software that uses OpenCL and 
in theory you may want to use other OpenCL drivers 
like ROCm or Clover. 

You will need to explicitly run the amdgporun wrapper script. Eg.

$ amdgporun clinfo
$ amdgporun clpeak
$ amdgporun blender
$ amdgporun darktable-cltest
$ amdgporun darktable
$ amdgporun darktable
$ amdgporun /opt/resolve/bin/resolve

Also, On Fedora most users have started installing DaVinci Resolve in a toolbox container so as to isolate it from everything else. ( I believe there is a OCI compliant container for this i.e Docker, podman… )

I could potentially provide the .YAML file for you if you want to do this.

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Davincibox Project

There’s a project called “DavinciBox” which aims to run DaVinci Resolve inside of a distrobox or toolbox container environment. This setup seems to be for AMD gpu users, I have not thoroughly gone through this, so I can’t comment too much on it.

Nvidia toolbox container build for Fedora releases

For users with Nvidia graphics cards who want to run Davinci Reolve in a toolbox there is a Gist post.

It needs some modifications as the version number for the Fedora release is 37 and the app image for Davinci Resolve is potentially an older one.

Davinci Resolve Flatpak local install

Some, more adventurous users will find packaging Davinci Resolve inside a Flatpak more feasible. This is a local build of the Flatpak, i have not looked through it to potentially add/help with the project but the users seem to be content with it’s implementation.

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Thank you so much @Definitive_Linux !

I’m not sure why I didn’t see the forum notifications, so I’m late to respond. I currently have Davinci up and running on Ubuntu Studio. I used the drivers from AMD, but the biggest this that I was missing before was adding myself to the video and the render groups. Now all is well in edit town.

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Apparently Fedora now packs all the ROCm drivers inb the repos so it’s even easier now to do all of this.

dnf search rocm
Last metadata expiration check: 6 days, 0:19:36 ago on
 Thu 11 Jan 2024 10:33:13 AM EST.
=========== Name & Summary Matched: rocm ====================

rocm-clinfo.x86_64 : ROCm OpenCL platform and device tool
rocm-comgr.x86_64 : AMD ROCm LLVM Code Object Manager
rocm-comgr-devel.x86_64 : AMD ROCm LLVM Code Object Manager
rocm-device-libs.x86_64 : AMD ROCm LLVM bit code libraries
rocm-hip.x86_64 : ROCm HIP platform and device tool
rocm-hip-devel.x86_64 : ROCm HIP development package
rocm-opencl.x86_64 : ROCm OpenCL platform and device tool
rocm-opencl-devel.x86_64 : ROCm OpenCL development package
rocm-runtime.x86_64 : ROCm Runtime Library
rocm-runtime-devel.x86_64 : ROCm Runtime development files
rocm-smi.noarch : AMD ROCm System Management Interface
rocm-smi.x86_64 : ROCm System Management Interface Library
rocm-smi-devel.x86_64 : ROCm SMI Library development files
rocminfo.x86_64 : ROCm system info utility
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Thanks @Definitive_Linux

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