Re: Episode 30 - Cellular internet

I live in rural NC where only wired option is spotty DSL at 6mbps down and 0.75mbps up. With Covid and the increased need to work remotely I called around and was recommended Unlimitedville which ships out a cellular modem on your choice of carrier.

At $150/month for the cheaper carriers it’s pricey however I’m reliably getting 20mbps down and 5mbps up and doesn’t seem affected by weather. The service has been stable and will be where I stay at least until Starlink gets out of beta in my area.

Not sure how available they are across the country though they’ve been great for me.

Only down side is that the modem is behind a double NAT so only way to self host services is to setup a VPN tunnel like Wireguard to somewhere with an external IP (which I have done successfully via Digital Ocean droplet).

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I dont have the no internet issue, but normally when I see Cellular internet. it seems to always have a clause to punish unlimited users after x amount of traffic to slow them to a crawl. I guess yours doesn’t have that? That would be pretty solid if you did not have to worry about that.

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Agreed and is exactly why I’ve avoided satellite providers in my area (aside from latency / speed). This one claims to be truly unlimited however they do state they might reach out for info if using over 500gb in a single month. They say they only ask this to avoid saturating cell tower bandwidth. While we do stream quite a bit and send data backups to a Seafile server elsewhere we’ve never had any issue.

It’s as if Unlimited isn’t actually unlimited…

As someone with friends in rural NC, I can hope that Starlink can comes through for you all soon.