Razor-Qt wikipedia entry is confused

I found this on the wikipedia page for Razor-qt of which I used to be a fan.

It is incorrect, Razor Qt was not discontinued, Razor Qt and LXDE were equal partners in what became LX Qt.

The wording gives the impression that LXDE was the major partner and Razor-Qt was just a footnote of history.

Rather than just saying that Razor-Qt has been abandoned it should give a link to wikipedia entry for LXQt.

Quote from Wiki…

Razor-qt is a discontinued free and open-source desktop environment. It was intended as a lightweight desktop environment based upon the Qtapplication framework, and was “tailored for users who value simplicity, speed, and an intuitive interface.”[4]

Development of Razor-qt has ceased, as it has merged with LXDE’s Qt port to form LXQt.[5]