Raspberry Pi now officially supports Widevine for playing Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ect

Widevine is a proprietary digital rights management (DRM) technology from Google used to decrypt video from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ect. It provides a Content Decryption Module (CDM) as a client that’s used by software like Chromifox to display encrypted content.

As of recently Raspberry Pi officially added support for Widevine which fills in an already pretty well rounded desktop experience.

Thank you to the Raspberry Pi team.

Two good install guides:


Might be controversial to some but I see that as good news. I use my Pi4 for Kodi but installed Ubuntu Mate on another card and the desktop experience is quite good.
When I’ll have the time I’ll look into dual and USB booting :smiley:

:+1: for the decryption

:-1: for the DRM

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Regardless of DRM, I also have Netflix and appreciate that though I use LibreELEC with Kodi and Netflix.

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Thanks for this. Something I had given up on last summer.