Raspberry Pi 4 WiFi 802.11ac isn't not connecting

My Raspberry Pi 4 runs on Ubuntu Server 20.04.

I have an SSID that I configured to run on 802.11AC only. My Pi 3, also runs on Ubuntu Server, connects to it just fine, but my Pi 4 won’t. Any idea what could be the issue?

Hi @YamiYukiSenpai,

How are you connecting to WiFi? Via the desktop or cli?
Have you checked the logs?
Maybe try this command to see what Network Manager is doing since you last booted your Raspberry Pi 4.

journalctl --boot --unit=NetworkManager

Unfortunately, I reinstalled Ubuntu Server on it, and it never came with Network Manager. I just straight-up used Netplan to connect to WiFi.

So you fixed it be reinstalling?

Nope. That didn’t help either.

My bad. Forgot to add that part on my previous comment