Raspberry Pi 4 now with 8 GB RAM!

Just thought I would post this to you guys here.

The SoC itself is capable of doing up to 16 GB, so I bet they will release a rpi5 next year, with 16 GB RAM: :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Ofcourse I already ordered mine, should arrive tomorrow.


Once they put a more powerful chip and an m.2 slot it becomes a real desktop alternative.

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The SoC is pretty good (a quadcore A72, the Pinebook Pro only has 2 of those) and the chip does support PCIe. It’s just not exposed on the board.

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That is just insane and awesome at the same time. With 4 GB of RAM the Pi already blows my ancient laptops out of the water.

Also now proud to say that Manjaro ARM images supports the 8 GB version out of box! :slight_smile:

Received mine and tested it myself.


I don’t know. Do you still need swap with 4 GB where you wouldn’t with 8 GB?

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Maybe some kind of lab project or in education where you need a lot of power, memory in this case. I am sure there is something.

I would say maybe a home server, running docker containers. It’s always better to be able to run more containers. :slight_smile: