QC: Frontend Discussion

General discussion for all things frontend related to the DLN Community Quality Control Platform.

As @goldfish92 rightly points out this discussion is skipping ahead till scoping is complete though broadly @kobberholm mentioned something really cool I hadn’t heard off that’s worth highlighting early…

CSS frameworks (ex: https://tailwindcss.com/, https://bulma.io/, ect) can have their unused CSS classes purged from the libraries turning a ton of interpretation into around 10kib worth. An example tool to do this is: https://purgecss.com/

I always write my own CSS so i’ve never heard of this before! Very cool and it may even produce a lighter result because of standardized reuse of classes.

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Yeh once we have a chosen framework 100% then we should consider bundle optimisations etc. Be good to have something to optimize though first :smiley:
CSS/JS optimizations should all be considered as and when though and not used that specific tool before so will check it out.