PSA: You need to vet your Wayland focused packages

I switched to Sway recently and i’ve been going through the motions of replacing the packages that don’t run well under XWayland.

I’ve since read “vetted” lists and been recommended packages that are abandoned or of questionable origin/maintainership (all the way up to a project indirectly glorifying and threatening supply chain attacks in their description if users don’t donate to FOSS projects right above their own donation link) in such high frequency i’ve had to make a “don’t install” list to keep them all straight.

It seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry has run out to slap a “W” on the end of every popular X package and now their repos are being yelled from every rooftop as proof the World is ready for Wayland no matter how 1/2 baked they are.

I think it really illustrates how lucky i’ve been with the amount of boil time most popular X apps have had allowing them to distill down to truly amazing maintainers but Wayland focused software is new by default and over-hyped as i’ve experienced so here’s a reminder to be extra cautious.