Proton? Its not private,SHite mail service

Proton what loud of SHite @dasgeek Its not not private, WHY would i want to go with proton when they pull this crap. IT’s supposed to be Free open source right? SO what gives i just got this from proton

Shyan (ProtonMail)

Feb 11, 2022, 4:00 GMT+1


Thank you for your message.

Our system has detected multiple accounts being created on your behalf, therefore they were disabled.

Unfortunately, bulk signups are not allowed on our service, as stated in our terms and conditions, which users are expected to read and agree to follow upon signing up.

Please understand that the reason behind this is that we wish to protect our IP reputation so that we don’t get blocked by third-party services and all users can enjoy our service without interference.

That being said, as a goodwill gesture, we are offering our assistance to reactivate one of your accounts. Please kindly inform us which account you would like us to restore.

Best regards,
ProtonMail Abuse Team

  1. Proton so private this shouldn’t matter?

  2. How do they Actually Know it was me. I was using VPN. I only made One account

  3. I could go on Open source and get better results and have multiple accounts?

  4. By staying private is staying private. Not like this?

  5. I’m done with Proton all of good for 1 hour signup.

Just because they only want to give you one free account, that doesn’t make them bad.


If the encryption for protonmail happens client-side, how is it not private?

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You’re just acting out, because you’re pissed off about them hindering your greed.
Stop abusing the free account offerings. 1 account per user, it’s stated clearly in their terms. Their actions have nothing to do with whether they are privacy protecting or not.

Yeah, sure, they are not perfect, if one were to nitpick, but none of them are.
There will always be something that could be improved, depending on who you ask. But in the day and age we find our selves in, they’re one of the better options currently available.

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NO @mrazster I’m not just acting out.

Private should be private no matter what? Yes i did use Free Account. I’m Stating the truth and facts. And i only used 1 account and got that message. Also it kind of defeats the whole propose of doing what you want on your own PC having an email you want to stay safe on.

Are you able to have multiple accounts if you pay for proton?. How is that different from paying for None open source email. If it was actually Free and Open Source

Just a suggestion, but have you tried self-hosting? I’m thinking that might provide the complete freedom you might be looking for.

Also, I have multiple accounts on Protonmail, not all of them are paid accounts.

I usually get along pretty good with Protonmail, although I do push their support pretty hard due to their, IMHO, insufficient SPAM controls.


I enjoy the encryption available on this service, and while my IP address may be logged in the near future due to the extensive use of one of their users (thanks Greta, for making this world a constantly more interesting place to live :stuck_out_tongue: ) I have had no issues with the service. My wife and I intend to upgrade to the paid version for our respective accounts in the near future.

Sorry you seem to be having so many issues with proton. If you find a better alternative, please spread the good word on this thread.

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I know the difference DUDE? Free is Free, Its an email system shouldn’t really matter how many you have? Lets say you want An Email for DLN Then another for Reddit as toxic as they are over there!. Then one for your business,tech,store etc. All i was saying

You seem to be not the only one using the VPN service to sign up for their services. Be more creative in trying to find places to sign up for Protonmail.

DUDE JUST STOP you do not know what you are saying now! Stop while your ahead

I actually run 2 self-hosted open-source-software-only email domains.

To anyone considering this long and difficult route, I say good luck getting past the fire-breathing dragon, which is Gmail. This is even if you configure your servers and DNS records immaculately, and can pass mail-server-testing tools (which tell you how spammy you look) with flying colors.

And BTW I do pass 2 such tests with flying colors. But Gmail still thinks my totally legit messages are spam, when they arrive to gmail recipients. And the recipients indicate the messages are not spam. Even that doesn’t help.

Remember when Gmail dropped the Motto “Don’t Be Evil”? Yah, well, they’re evil. Period. They destroyed the federation of email, IMHO.
I’ve never been a spammer, BTW.


The software they provide to you to run on your machine is FOSS. How they’ve configured and set up their servers is not which is the norm.

Just to confirm, did you create several accounts and only used one or you only created and used one?

Yeah this really sucks. Protonmail doesn’t offer aliases and mailboxes are extremely limited on the paid accounts. You have to email protonmail just to delete one. I’ve been a paying Protonmail user for years and I really wish they were better in that category.

There’s quite a few privacy-centric services out there that’ll give you a ton of aliases, sometimes for free or with a trial so it’s worth tracking those down. You could also forward them to the primary service you do want to use.

Brave lol. I’ve no doubt it can be made easy with the right guidance but boy have I heard stories about self-hosting email.

Yeah, i remember that. Google (or Alphabet if you like) has become EvilCorp. All they want is to be the biggest and only e-mail provider around, it seems.
The solution is simple though, move away from anything Google if you possibly can.


One of the things I keep hearing is how Google is applying more and more pressure against self-hosted Email.

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Doesn’t surprise me one bit, to be honest. They want to be the one controlling that part of information flow and we know why.
People need to stop being the product. That’s one reason i like Protonmail. I pay for something and i get some pretty good service. (That and the fact my isp won’t let me have a static ip adress, unless i become a “company” with all the whistles and bells that come with it. And that’s not worth the effort/costs for me now, otherwise, i’d be hosting e-mail myself long ago)

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It’s because many people use the same VPN who also sign up for protonmail. All those accounts have the same IP, the IP of the VPN host. At least, this is my guess. No other explanation why signing up for 1 account would have this result.

I get what you mean. I can sign up for lots of free gmail accounts why not 5 free protonmail accounts? Why offer them free if they can’t afford to do so? The place they make money is by selling a service that allows you to have 5 different emails under one account. And I’d probably pay that price for the convenience of not having to sign out, sign in, sign out, sign in ten times just to check my free email accounts.

I think this is to prevent massive amounts of spam email accounts from being created and there’s probably a threshold that has to be reached before they get suspicious. Who’s to say that 5 different people from the same household and same IP aren’t signing up for free accounts? The VPN you’re using is a public VPN so I’m guessing hundreds of accounts have been made from that same IP.


Here’s what struck me about this thread.

A lot of people attempted to provide an answer prior to knowing what actually happened. I still don’t know the exact details after 17 posts because there’s conflicting descriptions.

The OP came in pretty hot and hey, that sucks, but we all have bad days. Throwing accusations and assumptions on what they meant is basically gasoline on the fire (some well intended, some not so much) but again we all have bad days. No big deal, everyone who took a swing left with a black eye.

If i’m lucky and TJ Wolf wants to elaborate i’d be grateful because any information is good information.


I do wish they had a 10 or 20/yr plan. I don’t want to pay $50/yr, but I would like more features than the free. But I am just on the free plan because it’s good enough