Privacy information from popular video sites

Ad-Trackers: 2
3rd Party Cookies: 3
All of the ad-trackers and 3rd party cookies came from Bitchute page will not render without running scripts from Cloudflare is forwarding data to Alphabet (for those that don’t know, Alphabet is the parent company of Google) and TowerData.

Ad-Trackers: 8
3rd Party Cookies: 20
All came through scripts run directly from Odysee page will not render without running the scripts.

Ad-Trackers: 2
3rd Party Cookies: 0
The ad-trackers came directly from rumble and are forwarding data to Alphabet, Inc. Rumble also forwards data to Google Analytics. Rumble page will not render without running scripts.

Ad-Trackers: 9
3rd Party Cookies: 19
Vimeo is forwarding data to Alphabet, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Twitter, and others. Vimeo’s page partially loads, but is unusable.

Ad-Trackers: 2
3rd Party Cookies: 1
We all know who is collecting data from youtube. Youtube’s page will not render without running scripts. One of the ad-trackers is coming from, which is owned by Google.

All of this data was collected through the No-Script extension in Firefox. No-Script is integrated with the Blacklight Inspection tool that provides this information.


Although you can degoogle yourself from using any services by Google directly, there are hardly any websites that aren’t using Google Analytics for tracking their traffic and or Google AdWords for marketing. I don’t use ANYTHING by Google (directly). I am using FreeTube to watch YouTube videos kind of anonymously. Other than that I won’t use any service by Google/Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter etc. I am no way thinking the sites I am visiting are doing the same. You can only escape so much.


Thank you for the FreeTube tip. I didn’t know that. Same here, i avoid anything google as much as possible.

Thank you. This is awesome !!!

FreeTube sounds great although I already use Invidious on the web and of course prefer all other stuff on LBRY.

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I was really surprised at LBRY, I really thought they were going to be THE youtube replacement.