Privacy Guy Compares PinePhone to Librem 5: Spoiler Alert - PinePhone Blows Them Away

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Here’s the link to the video: Select instance - Invidious.

It’s a great video and goes into quite a bit of depth. It does a deep dive on both the hardware and software for both phones. It’s much more specific than anything else that I’ve seen or heard.

To quote the reddit post, which I found quite interesting: "Spoiler alert: PinePhone wins hands down. No surprises there.

However, what’s interesting to me is why. Why is the PinePhone so far out ahead?

It’s because they’ve been working with this hardware for 4 years already. The PinePhone is really just a hand held version of the PineBook with a cellular modem attached and some additional sensors. All the drivers already have the bugs worked out and the mainline Linux distros (Manjaro, Debian, Ubuntu, etc) already support it.

The Librem 5, on the other hand, had to start from square 1. So it seems that the folks at Pine64 have been planning this for some time. Braxton also suggests that the PineBook Pro’s hardware could easily go into the next model of the PinePhone, and bring it up to snuff with other modern phones.

Someone at Pine64 had a plan, and it was a really, really good plan. Way to go guys! You exhibit what makes humanity great!"

Note: I’m not the reddit poster - I just follow the degoogle subreddit and thought, given the discussion about the phones on the recent Destination Linux podcasts.




First, kudos for a non YouTube link! Though the guy’s video is a bit annoying where after each sentence he speaks there is an editing break.

I was going to get the PinePhone early release, then it got delayed a month, then by then the holiday sales arrived so the money went to that instead, Now forced to wait until next sale.

aka Jump Cuts I think, a pet hate of mine. I can’t stand it, I don’t watch videos that have been edited together all over the place like that.

I think the PinePhone is based on pretty established technology whereas the Librem is trying to make something a bit more cutting edge or at least performant.

I’m just not a $700 phone kind of person, that has put me right off Purism.