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Hi, I am about to purchase a printer .
Does anyone have any input on which is the best printer to run on Kubuntu ?
One that installs easily and has all the options for the scanner part too ?

Thnak You for any input


This question is vague. What are you looking for? Is your printer usb or wifi or ethernet or something else?

Please share the exact printer brand and model number if you can.

I guess my post was not clear. I was looking for a recommendation on a Brand of Printer to purchase that works well on Linux.

Thank You for replying.

I love my HP. @CubicleNate and I both have the same printer which was recommended by @ilvipero

It is a Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw


HP color laserjet printers are awesome. I used to hate printers and printing when I had my inkjets. And now, i love it. Very useful to print pictures, documents, family stuff and daughter’s school stuff.

It might look a bit pricey, but it’s worth every penny. It will last you forever, and toner is quite efficient nowadays.

Let’s do this: if it works out for you, you can thank @TheWendyPower and myself. If you hate it, you can blame @CubicleNate

I use HP and HPLIP is available on every Linux distro I’ve used. Although the plugin to make the scanning bed functional isn’t so you have to install that separately through the HP utility or on the command line.

HP is what I use as well.

I have one of the wifi Envy copier, photo printer, scanner combo (inkjet, not laser). I have it configured as wifi only and I can print from any device (android, iOS, Linux).

I have a HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281cdw that I got at Costco years ago. It’s been great to work with under Linux (and my iOS devices too).

Edit: it has Wi-Fi but it’s been connected via Ethernet since I set it up so I can’t speak to that or USB functionality.

Thank You everyone for your replies !



This might help: :penguin: :printer:

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