Printer issues, won't print more than 1 page at a time

Hey folks, I’m having some issues with printing documents on Linux. I’m using Pop!_OS 21.04 and I have a Canon Maxify MB2755 printer that I am trying to print from wirelessly (without having a specific driver installed, i.e. using the IPP protocol).

For some reason when I print a multipage document it only prints the very first page out of the (total) page range. It also takes quite a while for the printer to ready itself and finally produce the page.

Does anyone have any clue how I could troubleshoot this?

Hey Jordy! How did you ‘install’ the printer? Did you use any system settings? I’ve had decent luck with Canon printers by just going to printers, choosing add, and finding the one on the network.

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hmmm. There are so many issues that can gobble up a print job. Are there any lights or error codes produced on the printer?

I’m not familiar with that printer; but a quick look at the specs makes me think it might be limited memory. When you say that

It also takes quite a while for the printer to ready itself and finally produce the page,

it makes me think that collate is turned on and the printer has to process all pages before it gets to the first page. This might flood the limited memory of that printer and cause it to just dump one page.

I know that you said it is a “multipage” doc – but does this happen when you print a job that is only 2 pages long?

Yes it does happen with documents with 2 pages. There are no error codes or warning lights. Just a normal message saying that it’s busy with the print job on the display.

It just showed up as an available network printer after connecting the printer to the WiFi. I may have had to go to system settings and add it first, like you explained, but I don’t recall specific steps. Just that it was really easy to get working initially and I didn’t install any printer drivers.

I might add: the scanning from the device to my laptop works fine. Gnome Scan app automatically detects the printer’s scanner and allows me to scan a page without having to touch the printer.

Is there a driver? I’d recomment trying that and see if it helps. My HP printers won’t scan without the driver so it’s usually the first thing I try when I have issues.

There is one, and I used to use it, but it is quite an old one (deb for ubuntu 18.04), so it was already giving me issues on a more recent OS, which is how I found out about the big push for driverless printing using IPP, which is supposed to become the standard. Hence I tried that and it did seem to work fine initially, but now I’m having issues.

I have decided to try adding the printer the way you described, and I think that fixed the issue. Thanks a lot everyone :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Like Ethanol said, if it stops working, try to see if there’s a Linux-specific driver for it, but glad to hear it’s working.