Post your Techy/Nerdy Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale stuff here

I’m not based in the US but I’ve been looking forward for Black Friday/Cyber Monday for some discounts on software and stuff.

Standard Notes, used by Alan Pope, Jason Evangelho and endorsed by the guys over at is a free and open source note-taking app . The 5 year plan is on discount from 149 USD to 89.40 USD (its like 1.49 USD per month now).

Yubikeys are also on discount over at their website but their sale isn’t so good at only $20 off for two YubiKeys or $100 off for orders of $400 or more. The cheaper keys are not on sale (the 20 and 27 USD keys). The cheapest key on sale is their Yubikey 5 NFC (at 45USD). I guess its good value if you are going for bulk orders.

Ok something nerdy and fun now:

Get yours before Netflix ruins your Witcher memories. There is also a non-LED eyes variant of the medallion if you want a less eye-catchy. This particular model is 9 USD off (from 29.99USD)

It seems that Little Snitch now has a sale. If you have a Mac and want to monitor outgoing connections, Little Snitch is now on sale. Ive got MicroSnitch as well so as to check if wife’s Mac is currently using a mic and/or the webcam… Perfect for paranoid/privacy enthusiasts.

EDIT: No link affiliates please. If you must, lets use the Destination Linux affliate link, ok?


I’m not in the US and I’m sick and tired of us importing US excuses for vendors for selling, or trying to sell, us crap as “bargain”, “knock down prices”. We don’r celebrate US Thanks Giving so Black Friday is just a marketing ploy, that seems to start 2 weeks before, and drags on 2 weeks after, the US thanks giving.

Most of what’s on “sale” is cheap tat bought in especially, marked as reduced (or the prices fiddled to get around trading standards), or is stuff they couldn’t sell and they need to make space for the stuff they want to stock for the Christmas/holiday season.

I’ll be glad when it’s behind us, but then the Christmas jingle and store musak will start.

Bah! Humbug

Signed, The UK Grinch


I live in the US and I personally believe that retail outlets should be banned from these stupid events. You have people camping out for crud and people trampling people or fighting with injuries or death happening. The good stuff might be limited to 10 to 50 items, but what good is that when you have a few hundred trying to bust in to get to these items. Of course, this will never happen because of tax revenue and lobbying, but I’m with you.

Then on January 2nd all the Valentine junk’ goes on sale along with gym memberships.

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Here it’s the January Sales, for a couple of weeks or so merging into Valentines Day… sigh

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Oh boy. That was a nice topic, asking for good deals, not why people don’t like Black Friday :slight_smile:

So here’s one for you 3D printing nerds !

25% off of a Creality Ender-3, 3D Printer Kit, 220x220x250mm, 0.4mm Nozzle, on Shipped either from the U.S, the U.K, or China.