Pop!_OS - Fall In Love Again With GNOME. The Near Perfect Linux OS!


@dasgeek - you’re falling in love with GNOME? This I have to see :slight_smile: [I’ve loved GNOME for some time now, myself!]

Still not for me, mostly because I use desktop icons heavily and the Gnome extensions for those are still flaky. But I’ve tried Pop!_OS myself during distro hop phases and It’s definitely my favorite Gnome implementation. I also love the fact that Dark mode is default in 20.04.

Thanks for the video, @dasgeek! Yes, looks like the touches added by the Pop!_OS team are very useful for beginners. I add a couple of tweaks on every vanilla GNOME install too and find it suits me just fine. Obviously the hardware enabling and custom versions based on graphics sets can also help beginners. I don’t use tiling heavily myself, but looks really good!

Nice video. I was hoping for some more radical changes. It still looks like it did when Gnome 3 was released :slight_smile:

I like System 76 and I tried out Pop!_OS back in January, when I was setting up a new AMD system, but I was just as disappointed as every other time I have installed Gnome Shell.
They might have the best version of Gnome Shell out there, but it still feels like Android 2.0 on a cheap phone or possibly KDE 4 with some Plasmoids added.

I realize that The Year Of The Linux Desktop is a meme, but I feel like we are moving away from that reality and the rest of the world is now looking at Linux desktop users, laughing, when we celebrate an EXTENSION that adds icons back to the desktop or makes it possible to have a (less useful version of a) taskbar!

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Somehow, I just can’t picture in my mind a KPOP version of KDE. :stuck_out_tongue:
Pop_OS works well for me, in spite of a natural inclination towards ‘Task-Bar’ driven workflows years of Windows use has geared me towards. I like that GNOME is different enough from the typical paradigms that it (maybe on some sort of subconscious level) helps me understand that I am NOT using Windows, so certain expectations of feature-sets/behaviour-sets aren’t there.

Great review, @dasgeek… I bet @BigDaddyLinux was grinning from ear-to-ear!!! :stuck_out_tongue: