Poor AlmaLinux

So unlike Rocky and Oracle, AlmaLinux decided to do things the way RedHat wanted and found out it was rather difficult.


I think binary compatible sounds pretty good and I trust the engineers at Alma are thorough. It would be a shame if community contributions for pull requests to CentOS Stream had some non-transparent criteria that needed to be satisfied, but hopefully criteria will be clarified by Red Hat moving forward, as suggested later in the article.

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This feels like a lot of FUD. I am very surprised by this article to be from him. He clarifies they merged it at the end but the lead up to that is so filled with anti-Red Hat stuff. It seems odd that SJVN is promoting Oracle and Rocky as “fighting” as if they are some kind of crusaders. SJVN’s content seems heavily promotional for Rocky and rarely talks about Alma these days, and the time he finally talks about Alma, it is really a piece disguised for Alma but mostly an attack towards Red Hat. What is going on with SJVN articles these days?

What really happened. Alma submitted a patch to Red Hat, Red Hat said they are going to look into it to make sure it doesnt cause any regressions before submitting and are hesitant because this CVE doesnt have a rating yet. Red Hat researched the patch and tested it. A rating was given to this issue and now Red Hat has merged the patch.

The way Red Hat responded was not ideal because they mentioned customer demand without explaining that they act on things WITHOUT ratings or low ratings if they have customer demand. This was more like “we will look into it and find out what should be done” vs “not fixing it”. They have now looked into it and gave it a rating and then merged the patch. This is exactly what should have been done, the difference is they need a PR person handling external communication or something.

the criteria was that the security issue didnt have a severity rating and they wanted to research it before merging the patch for fear of regressions introduced for potentially something not important. They found it was important and merged it after research. I think this was fine to do, just poorly worded by Red Hat.


Thanks for the clarification @MichaelTunnell. I’d really like to see the community collaborating in developing CentOSStream as an enterprise grade Linux :+1: