Plus one to the Pipewire vs Pulse debate

Might have to read this more carefully, or translate it into english. Most of what I understand is that SteamDeck is using pipewire and that will allow more sound thingys. :slight_smile:

“Throughout the year, the plugin evolved to become perhaps one of the best - if not the best - open source Bluetooth® audio stack implementations that I am aware of. Based on an extensible plugin architecture, Pipewire already supports all current audio profiles and codecs. It is also future proof, enabling it to be integrated with other stacks like ofono. It’s a solid base for any Bluetooth® audio use case.”

“ On the short-term horizon, we have plans to rework some parts of WirePlumber in order to make its configuration more user-friendly and the scripts easier to work with. We are also planning to revisit the policy logic and try to go a step beyond what PulseAudio has ever offered.”

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