Please suggest a sound mixer board that works well with Linux

Hi all!
I am currently thinking about getting a Shure SM7B Microphone and “GoXLR Mini” mixer board. But I found out that the GoXLR does not work with Linux (lack of driver support). I am looking for something in the same price range - $150. Would really appreciate your suggestions.

Also had a question about Shure SM7B if it will work with Linux. But I suppose it should since it connects to the mixer and the mixer connects to the computer via USB, right?

I use Ubuntu 20.04 as my daily driver.

Hello and welcome to the forum!
You’re right about the mic. It connects to the mixer, the mixer to the pc. Software does the rest.
A quick search threw up this:

The info is in dutch, like i said, quick search. Around 160€ over here, not sure how much that would be in the US, but Behringer is supported in Linux, afaik.

Pretty much anything that is USB Class Compliant will work out of the box. Some devices do not advertise this compatibility very well so you may need to dig a bit.