Please include show notes and timestamps along with your podcasts, as you used to

Click to see notes for episode Episode 179 as shown in your client.

Click to see Notes for episode Episode 291 as shown in your client

I am frustrated by this choice to no longer include show notes with podcast episodes. It started with the migration of show notes to tuxdigital, but that choice does not make sense because:

  • Show notes and time stamps were nicely included before.
  • Now all we get is a link to the tuxdigital website.
    • skipping the inclusion of notes and timestamps with each new episode breaks the purpose of RSS and podcast clients, which is to give you the info in the feed / on your device / in your client of choice.
    • I must visit tuxdigital as opposed to seeing the basic notes in my client / rss client, where I can use those timestamps to browse through the episode while listening.
  • Why not continue allowing listeners to access show notes along with the episodes they wish to download for offline listening?

Thanks for considering. I understand you want to drive traffic to Tuxdigital, but I also truly hope no other content creator will consider a similar move. My suggestion is to combine both options to include with each episode:

  • Time stamps and basic show notes.
  • A url link to tux digital.

Thanks again for your consideration! Keep up the great work.