Pkg manager wrapper script

I’ve written a wrapper script to search and display pkg infos with fzf and then hand off to pacman/yay to finish transaction. I’m sharing it cause I’ve found it incredibly useful personally. Any tips or suggestions are encouraged. This is a learning exercise.

It would also be really cool if anyone else shared their personal wrapper scripts… Would like to see what other functionalities y’all have implemented.

Works on Arch and Arch based distros using Pacman and Yay.

Holy necro bump!!!

Fuzzy-pkg-finder is now available in the AUR for all arch based distros using pacman and yay

  • Searches official repos by pkg name and display info and files, handoff to pacman for installation (tab selection for multiple pkgs)
  • Searches Aur by pkg name and display info (files if previously installed, also preview pkgbuild keybind), handoff to yay for installation
  • Searches/Displays infos/files of local pkgs (seperate option for locally built (mostly aur) pkgs)
  • Searches locally by pkg name, displays infos/files, handoff to pacman for removal (pacman -Rsn)
  • Searches orphans by pkg name, displays infos/files, handoff to pacman for removal (pacman -Qtdq)

and never leave your terminal!

  • Alternate fpff command for fish shell users
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Neat update. I might “fork” it to use paru instead of yay but I like tools that organize things a bit differently for intermediate users. You have tools for beginners and tools for pros but there need to be more training wheel programs for intermediates.

I put this app in the same category as mc or other apps which are ignored by CLI heads but too scary for beginners.

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That’s good to hear tbh, as very intermediate is where I’d place my linux knowledge.

I’ve thought about next update being able to use paru as well. It’s not on my radar but seems popular. I’m more than happy to get PRs.

EDIT: Paru support enabled! @PatPlusLinux

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