Pixls.us site and forum

I thought I should make folks aware of this site, in case they aren’t: https://pixls.us/
Also (and the part I find more useful) they have a discourse forum as well: https://discuss.pixls.us/

There is a great list of foss software on the main site, and the devs for various programs do hang out and post updates on the forum. The main darktable dev being one of them. There are also “Play Raw” sections where you can post a raw file and everyone can have a go editing it and post the associated xmp so you can learn from other peoples edits, and feedback and showcase sections as well. I found lurking in the section and just checking out the edits/xmp I learned soooo much.

I don’t want to take away from this forum section, but I find it super useful, and thought I should share here in case some peeps didn’t know about it. :slight_smile:

If you go for a look, be polite (as I know the community here is anyway), as they are a great bunch there.