PinePhone Pre-Orders, AMD, openSUSE, Ubuntu, elementary, Steam, Edge, Stadia | This Week in Linux 87

but that is also on Android and is just an emulation/virtual machine. so is it “exactly that very thing” though :smiley:

but the OS does support the desktop mode from the OS, not an added app.

Ever since Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft, he seems to be more into pushing what is already successful, rather than pushing to be be creative, and on a cancel everything else push. They had come out with some nice products in the past, and cancel them instead of trying to push their ways into the market share with creative ideas, and snazzy marketing.

I do like that Microsoft Phone OS, but too bad MS has lost their flair for competition, and creativity.

That is why they are adopting Linux. They have run out of juice on trying to compete, and be creative.

It would of been nice to have more options for a Mobile OS than those horrible Apple and Google ones.

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Hey, at least they got to sell Windows phones to Hawaii Five-O actors!


“Bing it” . . . said no one ever unless paid to by a advertising company. lol I also like how Bing somehow knew she wanted that exact name with just the letters “cl” what a genius search engine lol

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I didn’t really watch the renewed show hardly at all. Only the first few episodes to see Grace Park in a bikini, I must admit (loved her in SG1 & BSG). I have noticed Microsoft has had a lot of product placement on CBS. Seems on all the shows everyone is using Microsoft Surface devices. That was neat to see her using a Windows Phone version 8.