PinePhone, is it ready for Prime Time?

My primary mobile, my Nexus 6P finally bit it for good this time. Endless reboot and I am on my backup phone that is kind of a turd, the Pixel and I need another phone I don’t hate. I really want to get the PinePhone but can I use my banking applications? Is there enough of an Android compatibility layer to get me by there on any flavor of OS for it?

I am interested in any thoughts on this.

Most of my family and friends are in Signal and (regrettably) WhatsApp. I couldn’t realistically consider the PinePhone until at least Signal works on it.

After replacing the battery about a year ago my Nexus 6P is still going well with a custom ROM. I would love to replace it with the PinePhone running (my favorite) Manjaro, however I’m afraid I’d have to wait for a version that ships with a descent, 12 MP or more, camera.

That is unfortunate.

I think that developing for ARM in linux is a job which deserves a lot of money as a wage, as it’s much more challenging than the AMD64 world (and this isn’t to say that developers in the AMD64 linux world don’t deserve handsome salaries).

Yesterday evening I ordered my PinePhone UBports edition and I am really excited because of that. Just after that I deleted two of my google accounts; still keep one open, don’t really know what for, nothing really is there ;p
I hope to get my PinePhone some time in June, until then I will use my venerable S7. I will try to switch off to PP completely. No WhatsApp? Tough, I bet my wife and some family members will be pissed off. I use PayPal and banking apps on my S7 but they are not essential to me; I actually prefer to use a web browser for all banking activities. I suppose not having access to parking apps could be a major pain, but I will try to manage without them.
I just cannot wait for all the fun I am going to have with choosing the OS of my choice and messing with it on PP. I also keep fingers crossed for Pine64 to develop later this year a dedicated keyboard for PP.
Even if I have not got the PP yet I consider $150 I paid for it to be well spent. Pine64 is doing just amazing work and they just deserve my gratitude :slight_smile:


I ordered my PinePhone UBports this week. I will be letting you all know how this goes for me. I’m pretty excited. I am not in “need” of it but I do need it. I don’t have anyone I know on WhatsApp, nearly everyone is either on Telegram or Facebook Messenger (pbpbpbpb). So, as long as I can do that, my messaging requirements are good to go.

I am absolutely looking forward to this new frontier in mobile experience!


I am also looking forward not to rely on any Google or Apple account to run MY OWN phone. I look forward not to have any Facebook-owned messenger (I don’t have Facebook account, BTW). Instead, I can start advocating among my friends for Signal or Telegram :slight_smile:
Anyway I consider all messenger apps to be a nuisance. The more contacts I have there, the more rubbish I receive. Seriously, how many times can you get the picture of the cutest dog in the world o the most globular tits in the universe? :wink:

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What you need are more cat memes, that makes all the messaging platforms WORTH it.

I totally agree. I want to have my phone that isn’t reliant on any services. I think I am going to have some pains doing so but so long as I have my core applications, I think I will be tip top. I will have to get my Nextcloud service up and running before it gets here as well.

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I thought that’s what this was for?

I bet we are going to have lot of fun trying different software and discussing it :slight_smile: Lets keep fingers crossed we will get our PinePhones some time in early June.

It certainly looks interesting.