Pine64 New Product Announcement This Sunday Exclusively On Destination Linux!

This Sunday on Destination Linux, we’re joined by @Lukasz_Erecinski of Pine64 for an Exclusive Interview to announce an exciting new product to their lineup! You won’t want to miss this week’s episode!

Join us LIVE at 1:00PM US Eastern (17:00 UTC) at


Can NOT WAIT !!!


Burning question I have…

Are the motherboards of the current pinephone editions the same as when they were first released?

So if someone wanted the best Pinephone experience, would having the latest motherboard make a difference?

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Not quite. The motherboard is basically the same, meaning it has the same specs. But it has gone through a few hardware revisions for minor hardware issues.

As with most other things, yes. Having the latest, with the latest fixes, would yield the best experience.


If only we could buy their products in-store in Europe.