Pine Phone Manjaro

Hi all, I’ve just got my dirty paw’s on Pine Phone Convergence edition & I use protonvpn,
my problem is my login user name & password are so long I have to copy & paste to the terminal & I’m probably being a complete Noob, but I can’t sus out an easy way to do it, any input would be appreciated.

You want an OnlyKey with an Anker USB A to USB C.

It’s a USB security device that can hold traditional passwords as well as U2F and TOTP among others. It’s recognized as a basic keyboard and enters in the password as if you’re typing it. I’d just recommend tweaking the entry speed to make sure the OS can keep up, level 8 should be good.

I’ve tested it with my pinephone and works perfect although it’s not recognized during postmarketOS boot when it’s asking for a full-disk-encryption password.

Other options include…

  • Wait for the pine64 clamshell keyboard to come out or bring along a mini keyboard.
  • Look into getting a password manager like keypassxc working.
  • Put something together with a bash script like an absolute boss. (if you’re feeling adventurous I can get you pointed in the right direction)
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Could you do Bitwarden from CLI too, as a password manager?

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sound’s good I’ll give it a go.

Let us know how it turns out. And definitely let me know your thoughts on the Pine Phone overall…I keep talking myself out of one but I want to try one!

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