Pihole is great!

Mobile and IoT devices are very chatty when it comes to sending logs and other data back to the developers. Most people are quite surprised when they see how much of it there really is.

Wirehole has been popping up a lot lately on Reddit. I run pihole on a pi zero and my router uses it as the main dns and my router supports OpenVPN so I can get remote access that way. But this project looks pretty cool too.

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pihole seems like pretty interesting software! I recently switched over to a pfsense router, and ive really enjoyed using pfblockerng. My understanding is that these are similar pieces of software. Would there be a benefit to running a separate instance of pihole in my network?

I would say pfblockerng has a higher ceiling but pihole is definitely more noob friendly.

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Only in the UI. I think the stats dashboard that pihole provides makes it very easy to see the worst offenders on your network. Also, don’t forget that pihole is a DNS server, it’s not just an ad-blocker. So, there is that.

In the end, both block ads via lists, so they are very similar in that regard.

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