Pi-Hole Network-wide Ad Blocking

Setup an area to discuss my latest video setting up Pi-hole. Let me know if you use Pi-hole and share some tips and tricks!


I am looking for it to support IPv6.

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There was an IPv6 option in the setup does it not work?

I use my Pi-hole with DNS-Over-Https. If your ok with using Cloudflare as your DNS.

Yeah, I see there options for that, but still, I seem to have an IPv6 issue,. My ISP recently started supporting IPv6. So now I have an IPv4, and IPv6. I am using a router with OpenWRT on it. I have tried shutting down IOv6 on the LAN side, but Goolag ads are still appear on many devices. Somehow they are getting an IPv6 address and bypassing PI-Hole

I am a bit weary of Cloudflare after the head guy had 8chan site shut down off their services. With that attitude, no telling what else they could be censoring.

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That is debatable, but I respect your view.

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I was looking for a good reason to get a pi and have a positive effect for both the wife and me. Totally getting a pi JUST for this reason! Thanks DASGeek!

On a side note, anyone recommend a Ras Pi 4 kit :question:

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I have been using pi-hole for the past 6 months. It works so well, that I am considering running pi-hole in docker on my laptop to that I can experience ad-free internet all the time, not just at home.


I did the same thing but I left it on a VM. I use it to block other sites to protect my kids from not only the adds but other sites they don’t need to be on.
A great site with lots of block lists is found here https://blocklist.site

Add some of them to your pi-hole for more safety for your kids.


If you are worried about power usage from leaving soomething on all the time, I would then consider the older models. The Pi 4 does use a little more power.

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Setup a Pi-Hole on the Raspberry Pi 3B that wasn’t being used for anything. Installation was no problem. It took longer to download Raspbian and to burn it to the microSD than it did to install Pi-Hole. I logged into my router to change the Static DNS 1 to the IP address provided during setup and also checked Forced DNS Redirection but I’m still getting some YouTube ads coming through. Any suggestions? Thanks

You are probablly in same boat as me. Your ISP is providing IPv6, and you have IPv6 enabled on your router. That is where the ads are probably coming from.

I don’t have IPv6 yet.

Still may want to double check as I thought I did not have IPv6.

Also, Pi Hole cannot stop ads which are coming from the same site you are visiting. You will need an ad blocker for that.

YouTube ads don’t appear to come from youtube.com but from googlevideo.com.

Have you blocked it yet?

Before I try Pi-Hole I have some questions.

  1. My son games. Will it affect him and the games he buys or Steam?
  2. My wife plays the stupid Android games, will it affect her?
  3. Will some websites recognize Pi-Hole like an ad-blocker and not allow you on the site unless you disable your blocker?

For me, I have no problems with it but an unhappy wife means an unhappy life. :face_with_head_bandage: (We just clebrated 35 years of marriage.)

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To answer your questions

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
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Thanks, @Trent for the speedy answer!

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It was my understanding that youtube inserts the ads into the stream to make it harder to block.