Photo backup

I am thinking about hopping distros and I need a good way to back up photos. I’m good at backing up audio video projects but my pictures are a mess. I have 2 years of partially backed up mismatched file named photos with nothing but a drag and drop solution. How do y’all do it ?

Also my main machine is a laptop so my external hard drives don’t stay connected.

I am in the same boat as you. I have been terrible at my photos. I have mine multi-duplicated and scattered across drives and multitude of folders. I am first going to have to pull all of them together and attempt de-duplicating and then maybe using something to reorganize them based on the exif data like the date/time of the photos.

The biggest hurdle is getting them together for the dedup and sort. I have limited internal space on my laptop turned desktop. I am either going to have to it in tiers or just copy everything to a larger external, then work from there.

In terms of managing from there, I have not quite figured out how to keep me from getting into this spot again unless I just use a central storage place like Nextcloud or something then run backups.

Oh, and thank you for the y’all. It was a nice read as a recent transplant from North Carolina to California.

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:laughing: y’all is a good way for Texans to differentiate from the California transplants here .

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