Password restoration seems of limited use

I used the password restaurant process and got access to the DLN Forum, but it only works from the OS that received that password DLN restoration message. That new password is not stored in the Firefox password list, so I only have access to the DLN Forum from that old almost never used system.
Why is that password not stored in my Firefox password list, so I can sync it to other systems.
It look that your website has blocked storing login and passwords in Firefox. Why in general the info is not very sensitive.

I can pass this on.

Are you part of more than one Discourse forum and is there the same issue with those forums?

On security there’s a degree of trust relationship a forum account gains over time with it’s members who may not all be quite as security centric. :slight_smile:

Hello. My username and password for this site seems to be in my Firefox remembered passwords. Perhaps a bug?

Mine is stored in my Firefox passwords, however I have had websites not update if it has already stored a password for that site. I have gone into Firefox passwords and deleted the password stored for a site and re-logged in to get it to trigger. Can probably update manually in Firefox passwords, I haven’t had to do it for a while so can’t remember.