Password Managers?

I’ve been using bitwarden for about 3 years now, and I’m very pleased with it.


Bitwarden is a very solid choice. You really can’t go wrong. If you want to go Obscure, you might checkout Roboform, it was a tool I used for a LOOOONG time before I started bouncing around a bit, trying to find a better tool. It worked fine though.

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I coded my own a few years ago on the back of gpg encryption and will still access it occasionally (I’m also working on a new wheel design.

But when I vetted and started using Bitwarden at the insistence of DLN, I never looked back. You will find similar products to Bitwarden – but the totality of the package – passwords, IDs, Ccards, notes, desktop, mobile – coupled with the price – in my opinion: unique and unbeatable.

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@MarkofCain Is that you? This user copied your whole reply plus a link.

He joined the group one day ago to advertise his product. :slight_smile:

Guess I am a sceptic after all.

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I’m all in on BitWarden, using it on Linux mainly but a little on Win10 and Android, seems to work fine on all 3 with Yubikey integration being a big bonus for me.
I’ve been impressed enough to go from a free user to a premium one.

I started with KeePass purely offline and still like that a lot (it’s my offline backup method for BitWarden now) but the cross platform syncing without me faffing around sold me on making the full time switch.

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spammer. No points for originality but the approach is somewhat unique.

Already reported the post. It was obvious spam but I got confused at first I admit.

So is this somehow considered not spam?

It was flagged and hidden yesterday.

You are right. The post is still visible and I was the person that flagged it yesterday. Strange.

Maybe it does not look like spam because the spammer just copied the text from a valid post but it added a link that I personally was not going to click on.

It used to be commonplace on forums to have a signature which’d be added below every post and it’d usually be something about youself like how to contact you. Zeb complained about not having this on the forum way back in the beginning. Discourse can add that feature but it’s not on by default.

There’s a possibility that the post was intended merely as a delivery mechanism for a link but the person seems to know the show well, took some time making the post and if I took a guess why a random link was there i’d be that they couldn’t find where to put a signature so they just appended it.

I’m not sure and i’ve been too strict before on new users so I aired with caution.

@Ulfnic, it’s just a copy-paste of MarkofCain’s previous post in this thread, unedited and unquoted but with a link. I’d argue it’s actually MarkofCain who is familiar with the show.

It is in indeed and the minor edits speak to me of mild human intervention. Good catch, thank you.

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i have been using pass for months and have never looked back. its amazing. you just have to have your gpg key backed up which i do by having it on my phone… i have everything synced with git so syncing is not a problem. and as @Ulfnic pointed out, its extremely extensible thanks to the xdotool support.

A former keepass, Lastpass, and pass user here. Keepass and pass are great and amazing but they often lack cross platform functionality. If you are looking for mobile solutions that makes it even more difficult. Lastpass is nice but the owning company as well as the proprietary license makes it questionable.

I have been using Bitwarden for sometime now and before it was mentioned on Destination Linux or related shows. It works well for me and ticks the right boxes. Cross platform (Linux and iOS and trying to get some Windows members of my family to join in), low learning curve (older family members can use it), open source, local encryption, can be selfhosted or not, two factor authentication (I use a yubikey), and the pricing model for their service is beyond excellent. I use the organization method to set up new accounts for my mother so she has access to them and in case of emergency I have access. She is not tech savvy but she is at least secure. I have used their support and I will say that they are super friendly and eager to help.


That is not my experience. Keepass runs fine on Android, iOS and all platforms for two or three years at least. :person_shrugging:

The obvious solution to that is never use anything but Linux on all devices.

If anyone can successfully maintain a stable career and human relationships using that strategy please let me know so I can copy you.


If only the world was that better place. There would be world peace until we try to rewrite init again.

Getting there slowly… But surely.

Bitwarden got number 1 for Free password managers.