Paperless-ng users?

We have a new effort to go paperless. So instead of keeping paper copies of everything at work, we’re going to try to keep digital copies attached in the DB. So every order will get a copy of the shipping paperwork right there, instead of having to occasionally go to the paper filer.

I want to use paperless-ng (or something else) to OCR the document, read the document number, change the filename to that document number, then stick it in a folder like “OCR docs” that can then have a batch script run on it to move the individual files to the right place (unless paperless-ng can do this too). Anyone have any experience with this software? I plan to spin it up in a docker at home when I get some time.

I have looked at but haven’t used paperless-NG in depth. I do use papermerge and find it works really well. The OCR works great for being able to search scanned documents - it recognises most text.

If you want to work with folders than papermerge may be better for you.

If you are happy setting up tags for all documents than paperless-ng will work well. Paperless-ng doesn’t use folders at all - it’s tags all the way down. :wink:

Paperless-ng also seems to have a several mobile apps for scanning and uploading documents which papermerge does not have.

Both are open source and both run well as docker containers.

I’ll check it out, thanks. The folder structure already exists…I’m really looking for the fastest way to get files moved to that space, and I think whatever can auto-name the file will make the most sense.

With papermerge you can setup a monitored folder and whatever files you drop in there automatically get imported and OCR’ed. Although they would all go into the “Inbox” folder to be sorted later.

You can setup Automation rules to file them in folders based on their filenames (or part thereof).

I don’t think you can Import an entire existing folder structure as is though.

I think I’d need a batch file to look at all the OCR’d and renamed files to then move them into this other folder structure. I’ll check them both out, thanks!