Own server for streaming music

I want to create my personal server for streaming music. I looked around internet for solutions, but I prefer to hear from people.

Basically, I want to be able to access my music library from any device as long I’m online. I should be able to pause, rewind, etc. from the player. I also want to create playlists. Web player would be a big advantage.

What software would be good for accomplishing that?

Music Player Daemon is a great option. You could set it up on a server with Icecast and control it with any MPD client (there’s a list on the wiki page.) RompЯ and ympd are the only web clients that I know of, although I haven’t used them and don’t really know how they work. The only caveat with this setup is that you just have one instance, so you can’t listen to one thing while your kids listen to another or anything like that.

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I don’t know how “open” it is these days but I use Plex for Video and I know it has audio capabilities (though I’ve never really used them) and a web player (I think?). Perhaps overkill for what you want though…

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I’ve used Subsonic for years. It also lets you stream video files. The basic version is free, but the premium version cost $1/month or $99 for a lifetime subscription. They also have hosting partners if you choose to go that route instead of hosting it on your own hardware.http://www.subsonic.org/

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So I’ve not had much success with streaming music from my home. This is more a symbol of my lack of skill I think than any actual fault of the software. However, I’ve run a couple of servers just so I can stream my collection to various devices in my home just locally a few times. Ampache Was great for this. I actually got this one sorta working over the internet, not well, but it existed! koel I tried this one, It didn’t appeal to me, but there you go. Currently I’m working out how to use funkwhale Since it seems pretty awesome, and whales are cool.