Overclocking AMD GPU's

Hey all!

I got a RX 6700 XT and I’m curious how to overclock it! I found one guide to edit config files using amdgpu here: How to Overclock Your AMD GPU with AMDGPU on Linux - Make Tech Easier

But I’m curious to see if there are alternative ways, or maybe even fancy GUI programs :smiley:

Do you have an AMD GPU? Do you overclock (or in my case, I want to undervolt it)?

Thanks for your help!

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Haven’t used it myself as I don’t have a AMD GPU but I believe CoreCtrl is a fairly good GUI option to try at least:


I own a 6900XT, and I’m using this tool to tune my settings (slight undervolt).


Thank you both for your recommendations! I really appreciate it. For now I’ve gone with CoreCtrl, because powerup mentions that the author only undervolts with it (like you @mrazster ), but I also want to change some other features that CoreCtrl provides (like fan speeds, which the author of powerup also says he’s not interested in and won’t implement).

Thank you both again!


I’m using a custom water loop to cool my components, so fancontrolling functions on the graphicscard is not necessary for me.

But yeah, CoreCtrl is a great tool too. I have it installed and have been playing around with it.

Good luck ! :slight_smile:

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