OpenWRT general guide / D-Link DIR-885L

General Guide:

Search for the model number:


Find your hardware in the supported devices lists:
Devices OpenWRT recommends:
Devices OpenWRT supports:
Click “View/Edit data” to the right of your hardware
Click the link next to “Device Page:”

Follow the instructions on this page.

For the D-Link DIR-885L:

  • Guide is here: [OpenWrt Wiki] toh:d-link:d-link_dir-885l
  • Download the firmware under “Firmware OpenWrt Install”
  • Login to the router via the browser, the ip should be or you can use the terminal to find it:

ip r

  • Use the menu: Mangement > Upgrade
  • Next to “Upgrade Firmware” click on “Select File” and choose the OpenWRT firmware.
  • Wait while the router updates itself.
  • Login to the router again using “ip r” to get the new gateway IP.
  • Done.