openSUSE help, I can't find answers to these questions anywhere

I’m working hard to switch over to openSUSE TW full time so I’m trying to work out all the little kinks I come across in a VM before installing on the metal. I love the rolling release aspect, so I can get the latest packages without resorting to Flatpaks and I trust it a lot more than Arch.

I know there are OpenSUSE and CLI experts here that I trust so if anyone knows the answers to these questions it would help me achieve my goal.


How can I get Yast to follow the system wide theme? I use a dark theme and Yast never does. It also happens to be the only application that opens in an awkwardly HUGE size for the information that it actually displays in the window. These things combined means that every time Yast opens I get a sunburn. I suppose CLI Yast is a good alternative but it’s pretty bright too, this is a weird papercut to still have in openSUSE. Is there a work around?

I found the solution to #1!


After installing a couple patterns for different Desktop Environments I’m left with a lot of packages after I remove the pattern. For example the GNOME pattern installs a bunch of Gnome apps that are redundant since KDE comes with the equivalent apps. These apps don’t get removed along with the pattern or show up as orphans in Yast to be removed in bulk. Manually removing them is so slow because most have conflicts you have to resolve one at a time etc. Is the solution to just be much more picky about installing packages from a pattern? This would seem to remove most of the convenience that patterns provide.

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