openSUSE Breeze Dark Plasma Style

I have been tweaking my Plasma desktop manually, for every installation, to give it the color and layout I like. I took the time to install the Plasma-SDK do some tweaking and published my “Plasma Style” which should hopefully be available at anytime right form the System Settings. I am quite excited that I did another thing, my openSUSE Breeze Dark Plasma Style is published on for anyone to download and install. I hope to do more little things like this very soon.

If you have any critiques, please feel free to lay it on me.


Thanks for sharing, that looks really good! IF I come off Manjaro, it’ll be to try OpenSuse, and then I’ll install your theme in there as well.

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Hey, if you are happy with Manjaro, no sense in shifting gears. However, if you DO go the way of the Geeko, I do hope you take my theme for a spin. :slight_smile:

Looks good! Not super different from what I’m already using but I like the green, it’s a nice compliment to the darkness. And Geeko is always my go-to icon for the app launcher since KDEs default is kinda BLAH.

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IT really isn’t much different at all. VERY similar, just a few changes of exchanging the blue for green.