Opening home server to internet

I have a home Jellyfin server. Is it possible to get it available on the larger internet without

  1. Needing a VPS
  2. Wrecking my home internet security

All I have is basic all-in-one from my ISP that I have plugged into another LinkSys AP, and a PiHole on the network. I want to have my Jellyfin content available outside the house. I could set it up on a VPS, but my current setup works so well I wonder if it’s just easier to have it all ran out of my house from the current server.

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I can’t speak on how to implement these off-hand and I have zero experience with jellyfin but I think the conventional options are…

  • OpenSSH home server (use port forwarding over SSH).
  • OpenVPN home server
  • Wireguard home server

…and you’d want to use a dynamic dns provider so you can track your home IP as it changes.

If this turns into some kind of crazy UDP hole punch project I want in.

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So any of those options will require a dynamic DNS provider?

Any security holes I’m not seeing in doing this?

They’ve been in the dynamic DNS game forever. There are hundreds of possible domains.