Open Source/Privacy Friendly Video Embeds on Tux Digital

I was wondering if there were any plans of using video embeds from sources other than YouTube on the Tux Digital website.

For a community focused on open-source and privacy preserving software/websites, I was a little thrown off when I visited the Tux Digital website and saw that every video embed on the site is from YouTube.

I have a google account and have set all of the google settings for max privacy (no targeted ads, no maps history, no any history, no analytics, etc.). However, I take every opportunity that I can to use alternative video hosting websites (mainly because I do not trust the settings page of any major tech company, as they have been shown in the past to either not work or just give “warm and fuzzies” for people).

Some alternatives that I have seen are Odysee and PeerTube. There is already a channel on Odysee for Destination Linux.

Maybe I am a little over-paranoid. Or, I may be missing something. Any thoughts on this?

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This has been my vague understanding over the years but TuxDigital’s always been big on experimentation and alternative platforms including media, community, chat, voice ect plus they tend to get a fair shot on being advertised +/- on launch.

Boy does reality suck though. I was on their mumble back in the day and despite plenty of mentions on the main show the community chose Discord and mumble was a ghost town. It remained for a few years but it wasn’t something the community was interested in (at least enough to actually use). There were days i’d be on there with Michael for literally 24hrs straight and it was just empty.

A quick look at Odysee shows ~50 views per video. TuxDigital’s good at getting the word out on privacy but ultimately it’s up to the community to decide where it wants to be.

There’s a good argument that maybe TuxDigital should squeeze people to move or constantly advertise the alternatives but that reduces algorithm discovery by breaking up the audience, feeds near everyone something they don’t like or like less, uses page real estate with things almost no one is interested in and ultimately if TuxDigital doesn’t prioritize where the people want to be the message of privacy and security doesn’t reach those who appear to need it most.

That’s ignoring the other qwirks, upkeep and pragmatic problems that come with alternatives that hurt the show. I think they’re the right choice for some channels, less for others, TuxDigital can launch alternatives and give great advice but from what i’ve seen the ball is in the community’s court.

I’m stuck for a good answer but just gettin’ the message out there is the best I have.