Open Source Android Keyboard

Hi all!
not sure if it is the place, but I am trying to get an Open Source keyboard for Android, I rather not use the Google Keyboard but it is the best I tried, I tried AnySoftKeyboard from F-droid but It has some “features” that do not work that great and the guessing is much worse. I don’t need perfect but good enough

Wondering if any of you know any :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

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I use one called “OpenBoard”, found in F-Droid.

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Another vote for openboard as it is closest to the Google one. Another option would be simple keyboard if open board is not to your liking.

AnySoftKeyboard is what I use. It has gesture control, but I haven’t tried it. But like the keyboard a lot. FlorBoard has had good reviews too. Both are in FDroid.

I use Openboard or Florisboard. Openboard doesn’t have swipe typing though but it does have great text prediction. Florisboard is not bad but it’s predictions are totally bonkers and it’s auto complete can be not even real words. The AOSP keyboard is good as well but lacks two features the other two have that I really like.

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I use the AOSP keyboard. It’s good enough for me but I don’t write many long messages from my phone.

I have to admit I get a bit jittery about switching in a new keyboard app because if it fails to work properly it could devastate usability of basically everything, so it’s useful to see recommendations from folks here. Thank you! I’m willing to try alternatives now :slight_smile:

Just press and hold the space key and you can swap to and from any keyboard you have installed. If you want to try something kinda “out there” but neat-o, there’s a keyboard called 8Vim. It arranges the letters on the axis of an X and you loop around in different directions to choose letters. It’s neat, one handed and pretty natural motion. Steep learning curve though.

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The one keyboard to rule them all, imho.

Thank you all for the replies!! :slight_smile: I’ll try openboard and hacker’s keyboard (:sunglasses:)
I’m glad to discover this options and have alternatives :slight_smile: