Online Photoshop Alternative

If you just have to use Photoshop image editing software, then there is an online option. It’s controls mirror the controls of Photoshop.


I use it all the time. There is also Pixlr.

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we featured this app on Destination Linux a little while back and I agree it is a great alternative. In fact, I use it almost every day. :smiley:

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As someone who used Photoshop from 1992-2018 it took me 2 seconds to know where every thing was at !

Since jumping to Linux, Over 6yrs I spent time trying to use Photoshop though Wine, using VM’s and trying to hold on to a hobby but unwilling to compromise my Linux experience. I tried in the past to use GIMP, tried again to no avail. Tried to use both side by side to try and get the grasp of the software. I gave up on the arts because of it. It was a sacrifice, but I wasn’t going to give up the Linux experience for it. Yesterday, (for the first time in years) I tried to do something that would’ve took a few minutes in PS, in GIMP. I got so frustrated that I couldn’t find how to stroke a path that I walked away from the PC :smile: . I eventually achieved what I needed but, man… Time is money is an old saying.


Toller Beitrag, danke für deinen Beitrag
i see a lot of friends are recommending me to enlarge photos on instagram have you tried

Thanks for sharing the Link. I’ve heard @MichaelTunnell mention this a few times, but always forgot about it when I got home.

This absolutely does remind me of my PS days! I guess I’ve been using GIMP now for so many years now that now I’m all thumbs at PS again! Gah!

I’m definitely going to bookmark this one and put it in a webapp wrapper.

It seems pretty awesome and completely free.
But does a drawing tablet like XP-PEN ( ) works better than mouse for photo editing in Photopea?