On cameras and stuff

Or maybe just cameras, let’s see how this goes.

I just listened HWA episode 53, and there were really good points about buying used that I wanted to add to. I think it’s great that even a show called hardware addicts can remind that you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to get enjoyment from your hobby.

I bought my current camera new in 2015 for 850€, and the model was a couple of years old by then. I’ve been hit by upgradeitis and GAS regularly after that, but I have been able to get past that by looking at my photos and trying to find one that would be any better with a newer camera. Haven’t found one yet.

The current iteration of my camera is now somewhere around 1800€. The 2013 model can be got for around 200€ in good condition. Maybe someone needs something the extra 1600€ gets them. But I recommend making really sure it’s an actual need and not just something an advert pretending to be a review put in your head.

My camera also has a small sensor and a low megapixel count (I was going to draw a picture of Count Megapixel but remembered I can’t draw) and generally lowish numbers across the board, so according to the internets it’s an useless camera by now. I sometimes believe the internets and have a new camera in an online cart before I remember to do the “what would be better” test.

This post reads a lot like the posts that rationalize the poster’s choices, but that wasnt my intention. If you have disposable income, or your photography really benefits from a better camera, or you’re a professional making heaps of money from your photography, you know that better than me. In that case you really should get one and not spend any mental energy in trying to explain your purchase, go right ahead.

This is more directed at the people just starting out or trying to get by on a limited budget.

Oh yes, and I wanted to point out a great second hand camera dealer for those of us in Europe: mpb.com (I guess they have an Uk site as well). I’m not affiliated with them in any way, it’s just my go to shop for used lenses. Hope I’m not breaking any rules in posting the link.


Love this!

My first DSLR was one of the very early Gen Canon Rebels. I bought it WELL after it was long gone from the retails shelves. I bought it about 10 years ago, at that point the SD card was pretty much the form factor for memory cards. This camera used a CF card, which made shopping for storage pretty cheap…

I digress. It was a great camera, it was my daughter’s first camera when I upgraded to a used Nikon. So, yeah, lots of good used options out there. Especially on cameras, the lenses are often way more important in the image quality than the sensors.

I think cameras are especially great in this regard, since lenses often will survive from generation to generation, and there are plenty of places to buy used camera stuff. There are lots of ways to salvage older tech equipment. My home server is a refurb latptop, as is my current work station. Assuming you don’t need the current features, you can often find improvments, or get what you need by buying used equipment.

Personally (in the US) I find a lot of decent stuff at pawnshops, especially old laptops and PCs. I know it will be at least functional, and usually they have a wide selection of things.

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Oh yes, that’s me.
I use refurbished hardware almost anywhere. I also own a used but special to me Nikon camera. I am no pro but I love this thing. I have really no need to buy a new one but I should because I share it with my wife. :slight_smile: It probably will be a used one again.

Thanks for the link @RampantPanda .