Old open source game favourites that need development

I know there have been some great Linux or Open Source games released over the years. Some of those titles do not look as good on modern computers as they did when they were released. Some are based on old libraries and need some work.

I just thought it would be great to get a list of people’s favourite old games that desperately need some love / programming talent if they are to survive the next few years. I know that the source code is always available, but the difference between a project with no current activity and a dead project is not always clear.

My vote goes for
Xscavenger and Tower Toppler

Xscavenger was the best version of LodeRunner I have seen on Linux period, but the sound can be difficult to get working on current distros and the graphics needs work.

Tower Toppler still falls way short of what Nebulous was on the older C64 hardware.

Any other suggestions?