OK to post small remote access support jobs here?

I’m a Linux newb running 21.10. Occasionally I want to pay for remote access support to resolve issues related to various Linux apps I’m using. Is it ok to post those jobs here? Almost all the jobs are small and quick to resolve. But I’m a newb so they’re too difficult for me and support forums didn’t fix it.

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Totally ok, thanks for asking.


Posts like this are highly encouraged!

As of now i’ve posted this to DLN main chat, Sudo Show and Linux Saloon so you get the best responses.

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Having a selection of people might work best because everyone has different strengths.

For GUI help I have a lot of VMs for different systems so i’d have a seperate VM with your OS/version with the app(s) you need help with.

I have high availability so I can usually assist on a moment’s notice.

I can talk over matrix/mumble/jitsi or a whichever platform is the most comfortable to you. I can also SSH in or do remote desktop if needed.

If you need scripts, automation or simple TUIs i’ve invested a lot of time into the sysadmin side of Linux and make it a priority to have them be breif and provide useful errors.

I also just love learning about Linux apps and i’m usually up for self-educating prior to or part of doing the fix.

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Cool. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Great. You list many of the things I would pursue if I had more time! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m also a bit of a geek/nerd :nerd_face: at heart and enjoy solving these puzzles. Only limit is all my other pressing responsibilities.

I’ve been dedicating almost 100% of my time to sysadmin/Linux education for a career change so it helps when it’s literally your job to figure out your linux box lol