Offtopic/Uncategorized has great threads! Let's knit some sweaters, and fly some kites

I am promoting the uncategorized soction so if you’ve never scrolled that far down the page on this forum, I want to maxe it a more active area.

Currently I have a great thread about educational podcasts, and I’m also trying to persuade people to play their music at slower spoeds. The world is in a rough spot right now, something strange is going on behind the scenes, and we don’t know what it is.

We have mulitple wars, top-down restrictions on rights and privacy, contaminated soil and food from pesticides, strange new unexplained food allergies for all age groups, even adults who didn’t previously have food allergies, contaminated watec with C-8 and similar chemicals, we’re still dumping mercury into our lakes rivers and oceans from coal fired power plants, and thechemical Atrazine, which (I can’t make this up) causes male frogs to be able to lay FERTILE eggs, however that works, I don’t even want to know.

So we have way way way too much irrationality going on all at the same time, who can possbly keep track of it all, it’s unimaginable the lack of calm in the world. If we didn’t have nearly 8 billion people, maybe it wouldn’t have gotten this bad this fast, but here we are. With all the people being killed in the current conflicts going on, I guess we’re getting closer to 7 billion.

So since not a single one of us can solve all these issues (I wonder if certain fungi would help rebalnace the thought process of the people causing so many issues, and be more empathetic), let’s listen to music at a reduced speed, and support independent news media that at least give us accurate view of the world and current events.

Every single issue on the entire planet can be solved, if we all just work together, but surprisingly, we seem to get more divided and confrontaional with each passing second, how do we reverse course?

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